Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Enjoying our false spring

The dogs and I are enjoying a very pleasant "false spring" here on the High Plains. We were supposed to get 50°+ today, and since it's already 55° just before noon I think we will break 60 easily.

The dogs go out and just stand in the sun, like little zombies, with pleasure radiating from their faces. They make no effort to do anything but soak it in. Just a few days ago we had -22° and winds so fierce that you could feel the frostbite setting in within a minute or so of exposure. I would let them out to tend to their bizness but wouldn't let them stay out more than a few minutes. No problem with the Boston: for her it was out and back in in record time. The Shorthair wanted to explore but wasn't really all that disappointed when I made her come back in.

This weather is supposed to hang on for about a week more. No complaints from us, that's for sure.

I note that with the worldwide severe winter the AGW people are starting to revise their vocabulary. "Climate change" seems to be replacing "global warming." Some of them are even saying that there is a recess in the GW process and we may have "global cooling" for a while. I never could understand why highly educated scientists seemed uncomfortable with the concept that the earth's climate is always changing and has always been that way. Seems like a no-brainer to me, but what do I know?

What I do know, however, is that it is a very fine day out there and I am going out to my shooting bench and work up some loads for a couple of muzzleloading rifles. So there.


BobG said...

Most years we get a thaw around the middle of January; this year it has been in the teens most of the time, and foggy. We have had an inversion the past few weeks that is raising all sorts of hell with sinuses and causing a lot of throat and lung problems.

Kansas Scout said...

We are only getting into the forties this week but I will take it. We have had almost two feet of snow at this point. Had to help my neighbor shovel his roof off that was too flat and leaking.
I kind of hate to see the snow go but sure as campbell sells soup, there will be more to replace what melts this week.
I expect the bird season will not be so good next year...

Sven said...

Found you via Brigid's Mausers and Muffins...Home on the Range

Sounds like you might be in the San Luis Valley. My brother lives just south of Center.

Nothing like it. And...I like the way you cook.

Rio Arriba said...

Thanks, Sven. Drop in for a bowl of chili sometime!

Anonymous said...

It's warmed up here considerably as well. Tonight there's pretty heavy rain coming down and heavy winds. Makes for a nice change from the bitter cold, though.