Saturday, January 30, 2010

End of January

We have snow here only on the north side of hills and in shady spots. Strange to be so "winter-free" at this time of year. But I say that as I knock on wood. It's always good and sensible to be suspicious of Ol' Man Winter's intentions, which are seldom benevolent out here. Our false spring appears to be over, however, as the cold weather has returned. But today is lovely: sun, mid-30s, and very little wind.

We have had three "killer storms" so far this winter. Two of them went to the north, and one to south. We've had snow, and blizzard conditions, but nothing like the folks north and south of me. Still plenty of time, though, and I'm reluctant to tempt fate.


Sven said...

February, my least favorite month. Having grown up in eastern shadow of the Front Range on the high plains, I fully understand your reluctance to tempt fate, or the capricious weather gods, or whoever guides the storm tracks.

Nice photo of the speed goat, the elusive prairie ghost. They haunt my hunter's dreams.

Anonymous said...

I don't relax and start breathing easy again until after the first week of March. One of the worst winter storms we ever had here came in then some years back. Strange your weather is better than ours right now, I would have expected it to be reversed.