Wednesday, December 23, 2009


In a winter storm warning here, waiting for the main front to hit us. Everything was covered with thick rime ice this morning, like the cedar in the picture. It's beautiful, except when it coats the electric lines. That makes me nervous. Ice, then wind, is a prescription for no electricity.

But I prepped yesterday. Checked out the genny, brought in some more wood, made chili. The essentials!

The snow is supposed to start later today and go until Friday afternoon. Looks like a white Christmas for sure. I was supposed to visit friends out of state for the holiday but I will be staying home now. The dogs and I will have a great snowed-in Christmas. They love to unwrap presents, but they are so messy! Just part of the fun.

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The Hermit said...

I heard on the news this morning that you were going to get a major storm coming through there. I'm glad you are forted up and all stocked with everything you need. It does sound like it will be something to live through.