Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My poor abused little dawg!

I did not stage this photograph, nor in any way rearrange anything. I went into the bedroom to get something, saw her, went back and got a camera, and made the snap. She groggily acknowledged my presence and promptly went back to sleep. So…

Emma, the Shorthair, sleeps in a large kennel-crate draped with blankets in the bedroom. She prefers this and has for years. Mags on the other hand sleeps in the bed with me. In the winter she starts out on top of the covers, sometimes covered with a blanket, but usually around 3AM she bops me on the head a couple of times and I lift up the covers to let her in, where she stays 'til morning. On really cold mornings I sometimes let them have the bed again after they go out into the frigid morning air to do their business. As I did this morning.

Well, she's not dumb, that's for sure.


Miz Minka said...

Winter = Snuggle Bunny Weather. :) Love it. Smart dog, indeed!

Marie said...


What a coincidence. I have a similar routine with my two furry ones - except I get bopped on the head about 5 a.m. Ah, the blessing of warmth and four-legged loved ones!

Lovely shot!

The Hermit said...

She is waiting for her hot chocolate.