Thursday, December 24, 2009

That'll teach me!

Or at least it should.

Day before y'day I made a pot of most excellent chili. Lots of ancho, chipotle, garlic, Mexican oregano, cilantro and all the other stuff that makes a good chile totally addictive.

Had a couple of meals off it and continued my "aging" ritual of heat, cool, heat, cool cycles. Today I had lunch from it and then put it on in the snow on the front deck.

Had about twenty sharptails in the yard today (pix later maybe) and Emma wanted at 'em but I wouldn't let her. Let her out later and by the time I realized she had been out there a long time I discovered that somehow she had gotten the lid off the pot and eaten my chili! It was pretty spicy, too. About 3/4 gallon.

When it comes to food, Emma has no super-ego. I told her Santa may not come for her but she didn't believe me. Damn dog.


Miz Minka said...

Oh, Rio, that's too funny!! Being the former owner of a counter-surfing dog, I feel your pain. And Miss Emma might feel the pain too, later, if your chili was very spicy...

Best food-stealing dog tale I ever heard was my biology professor's Great Pyrenees who managed to open the oven door when no one was looking and took out an entire casserole (it was a fancy oven on a timer, so the dish was not yet hot). The Dog's Rule: "If you're not watching it, it's mine!"

Hopefully you have something else planned for Christmas dinner. Merry Christmas to you, and your furry friends!

Rio Arriba said...

Miz M.— Thank you for the laugh! And it was a GOOD one. Em hasn't taken a casserole from the oven yet, but mostly because I don't MAKE casseroles. (She did filch half a pizza from the half-open oven once.)

I have enough faults of my own to be too unforgiving of my doggehs who devote their lives to me. Em is on the couch now, looking very repentant, but not the least bit sick. She has that "What's for dinner?" look.

I have already started a new batch of chili. All will be well!

Pique Oil said...

My dogs have all had the notion that if You eat it, it must be good for me.
I have had a full pepperoni sausage "wolfed" down while I was not looking and like Emma the old dog soon had a look of interest in what I was doing at the Fridge.
Santa comes several times a day for a dog. every time you scratch them in the special place or as simple as talking to them.

cwdowninthepark said...

hey Rio,

just thought i'd take some time out from drinking and cooking to say Merry Christmas to you and your Dawgs.
i also wanted to thank you for your wonderful Blog. i've only been following for a few months but seeing a new post from you in my Reader has become one the highlights of my week. i look forward to following your adventures in 2010 and beyond. keep up the good work Good Buddy.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,


Rio Arriba said...

PO, I think you're right about Santa coming several times a day for well-cared-for dog. That's our job, anyway!

Chris, Thanks for the kind words. I really appreciate them.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised a dog would eat hot spicy chili! But then, they say people tend to get dogs that resemble themselves, so maybe she shares your tastes in the culinary arts as well.