Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A bit nippy out

-20°F this morning. Pretty chilly. neighbor emailed me that it was -25° at his place. We've been in the icebox for a few days now, and it will hang around 'til Friday according to the weather boffins. It's been colder, and this too shall pass.

Emma and Mags went out to do their doggie bizness this morning and didn't much care for the cold. Emma was trying to lift all four feet at the same time and Mags did the fastest pee-piddle in the history of dogdom.

Right at noon I noticed some activity out back and saw a whole mixed flock of pheasants and sharptail grouse milling around out by the shop building. They seemed to be getting along just fine and I confess I had a quick impulse to grab a rifle and pot one for supper. But I changed my mind. It's mighty cold out there and that's enough for them to worry about. When they worked their way around front they got Emma's full attention. She sat on the couch and watched them out of the windows for a long time. Finally they wandered off into the heavy brush to the west. There's a pretty good sun today and if they can find a south-facing spot out of the wind they can warm up some.


Anonymous said...

21 below! That would simply bring everything here to a screeching halt. I can remember temps as low as 12 below and the entire county simply shut down. Vehicles would not start, roads were slick and dangerous, power was out. It was rough.

Living way out where you do, in a situation like this, if anything happens you are done for. I'd stay inside til it warms up.

BobG said...

We've been lucky around here; it has only gotten as low as 1ºF here in my neighborhood. We've been getting plenty of snow, though.