Thursday, December 17, 2009

Larking about...

As our Brit friends might say. I was off-ranch today for the first time since my Thanksgiving bird-hunting expedition. This time of year you want to be sure you have a good weather widow for a trip, as you not only want to reach your destination but you want to be able to return. Today was nice: sunny, mild, little wind, and warmer than it has been in a month or more. The down side of "warm" when there is snow and ice on the dirt portions of the road is... mud. And mud I had on the way home, in spades. But all is well and I made record time, leaving at 7AM and getting back by 3PM.

I didn't really need supplies as I'm pretty well stocked. What I was after primarily was picture frames for gift prints. Not a good selection thereof but I managed to fill the gap. While in town I stopped at the local Cabela's and couldn't resist that new Gerber S30V caping knife. A pretty little thing, it followed me home and now I will have to keep it. The S30V steel is getting rave reviews, as is the Gerber caper. I'll be giving it a good try-out.

The main roads were just fine, but getting to them was a minor chore as the "connectors" were icy and in places still snowed over. (The pictures were taken on the way home when there had been substantial melting.)

But what's the fun in larking about if there's no adventure? None, I'd say.

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