Tuesday, November 11, 2008

You can't count on me any longer!

That's my message to the two major political parties of our great nation. I'm finished forever with being a statistic in the column marked "sure thing."

The Democrats lost my allegiance when the moon-bat brigade took over the helm and it became the party of negativity and self-absorbed whining. The Republicans have now lost my support since they took an election it was theirs to lose and did exactly that. Their days of arrogance and intransigence are over, as is my place on their fund-raising lists.

I am now, officially, what I've actually been all along: an independent— or perhaps Independent better expresses the way I feel. And I'm glad to be part of a movement, if it can be called that, that will break the back of the control that the so-called two-party "system" has had on the country's political life.

I don't think we need a European-style panoply of political parties in this country— fifteen to twenty parties and an ever-shifting array of fragile and short-lived coalitions. But we do need to tell the existing parties, loud and clear, Earn it! 

Show me why I should vote for what you claim to stand for. I won't respond to screaming mobs of "fans." I will respond to reason, logic, courage, and honesty. It would also be nice if you showed genuine respect for, and allegiance to, the Constitution. It's a good document and if you want to run this country I'm going to ask that you support it with more than lip service.

I'm through being a name on a list that's taken for granted. And make no mistake: I am not alone. There are millions like me. We're tired, we're frustrated, and we won't be treated like reliable sheep or useful idiots any longer. We just may be the beginnings of the largest political "party" in the United States.

I don't think that would be a bad thing at all.


BobG said...

I became independent years ago; all of my voting has been for or against individual politicians, never for a party.

Anonymous said...

You won't get an argument from me. As the Romans said on taking their military oath "I, also."

mike's spot said...

When I registered to vote I checked Independent and my family gave me flack. Now they are slowly joining me. Their is no such thing as a wasted vote- The US Government derives it's power from the people- and our vote will make sure they know and respect that.

Roxie said...

The way the Republicans are behaving with this ever-expanding bailout, I wonder if "Republican" means anything any more. Does "Republican" mean socialism for the big guy? If the mega-corporations get to line up for handouts from our tax dollars, why can't the government just pay my mortgage, giving me my house free and clear? Of course, nothing government does is ever free of strings. The mega-corps may find that the bailout/corporate welfare costs more than it's worth. I rather hope so.

The Other Mike S. said...

Until a sizable percentage of voter mark something other than R or D on their ballots, neither party has any incentive to change.

Around 1% voted some kind of 'other' this election. That ain't scarin' no one.

Brooke said...

I'm done with the republicrats.

If the GOP could deliver a real, right conservative I might listen again... But I don't see that happening anytime soon.

One of my newest hobbies includes writing a nasty not on the fundraiser fliers the GOP sends me and mailing it back to them in the pre-paid envelope provided. HA!

Brigid said...

There was a reason I didn't join with many of my sidebar friends with a big McCain Palin sticker on my blog.

Frankly I just was not impressed. I admire Mr. McCain for his long service to the country, and military experiences and Mrs. Palin has a lot of values I admire, but neither impressed me in interview or in statements. I voted for them, as many did, because the other main party choice was not ever an option for me.

Time for a better choice.