Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Three + Four

For the past four days I have had three hunters camping on my place. They are heading back to their home country tomorrow with three huge bucks and four nice doe. These are good guys and excellent hunters and I don't in any way begrudge them their deer as "outsiders." We've had a lot of fun together.

Six of the seven deer come from the federal wilderness area I can see from my front porch. No vehicular access allowed, so unless you bring a horse you are hoofing it. Fortunately there are many transit areas not too far from my place.

The deer on the left is a 17-point a-typical. The largest buck was the one in the middle. Only 10-points, but his dressed weight was 235 pounds.

I'm still hunting, not being quite as dedicated as these guys are anymore. I'm also hunting several local ranches and having a great time. Taking home game has never been the main criterion in judging the quality of a hunt for me. I do, however, appreciate the meat. The guys gave me a huge pile of backstraps that will hold me for quite a while even if I strike out on my own deer.


mike's spot said...

great collection of animals!

Tmagnum62 said...

WOW, I REALLY need to find some places around here to hunt. So far no luck

BobG said...

Nice looking deer. Love good venison.

Anonymous said...

That meat will be good. You seem to be accomplished in culinary skills, so doubtless you'll think of a tasty way to prepare the meat. I always made chili or stew out of what I had.

Carteach0 said...

Nice harvest, and I suspect they had a darn good time.

Tenders marinated for 24 hours, then roasted in a smoking hot oven.
Pretty good feed.