Saturday, November 22, 2008

A New Arrival

Well, I said I wasn't going to be buying any guns for a while and I am as good as my word. But I did just buy a Kimber .22 Conversion Kit for my CDP .45. It arrived yesterday from Midway.

Of course, even though it was getting dark when I opened the package I had to go out and try it out. I was expecting to have to sort out some ammo problems (especially with Federal HPs as I had been told), but the first five magazines through it functioned flawlessly. As an added bonus the adjusties were almost dead on. Within the first two mags I could tell that it was going to be an accurate piece.

Today I shot it a little more. Adjusted the sights a bit, too. I haven't done any systematic testing yet, but did unload a mag on the 7" diameter end of a piece of firewood in the woodpile. Surprised myself with a 3" six shot group two-handed at a paced 32 yards. Three of them could be covered with a dime. I can live with that. Looks like the thing might be even more accurate than my Ruger Gov't Model.

It's a straight blowback action, in an aluminum slide, which makes the whole loaded rig weigh 25-ounces, quite a bit less than the CDP with the .45 slide and barrel. The lighter weight encourages sloppy holding and today I got the first FTFs as a result of a light hold. Now I know better. Changing over from one slide to another is an easy 15-second job.

I had originally thought I would get one of the 4" Ruger 22/45s with adjustable sights as a 1911 practice gun. But then I handled one and didn't like it. It didn't feel like a 1911 to me, and the one I handled also had a poor trigger. My Kimber lets off at 3.6# (with a Wilson Bulletproof sear spring) and I figured why compromise. Besides, I got out cheaper with the Kit than I would have with the 22/45.

I didn't get it for this purpose, but what a great trail-gun it would make, with one slide on the frame and the other in your backpack.


Chris said...

I've been considering purchasing one of these conversion kits. It does look like fun - you're tempting me!

Carteach0 said...

'Twould look a treat on top of my Commander frame.

I've been considering a .22 pistol... being without for some years.
This would make a good solution, and excellent training aid as well.

Thank you for the review.

Anonymous said...

I like Kimbers. I have a Custom II. Now you can shoot yours without getting a mortgage to pay for ammo.

Anonymous said...


Kansas Scout said...

I have thought about getting one of these for my Kimber as well. Do you have to change the sights and resight back for .45?
I once had a little smith .22 mod 17 subby that was fantastic. I miss it bad and really want another.Your idea makes sense if you don't have to mess with the sights much.