Monday, August 10, 2009

Young bull

This could be the fellow that did the wallow. I met him about half a mile further along the mail road. He was lying near the road and when he heard me coming he got up and moved up the hill. I stopped and whistled and he turned around to see what was going on. He wasn't interested in having company.

The young bulls start to get solitary at about two, and go off on their own. This one looks to be about that age, maybe slightly older. But still a long way from challenging the older, larger bulls in order to build a harem. These are his days of wandering in the wilderness. And making an occasional wallow.

1 comment:

Marie said...

Fascinating, magnificent creature. Interesting about the wallows - I did not know that.

It occurs to me that we can all benefit from a bit of solitary time where the wind is the only noise.

Thank you for the prairie education and the beautiful images, as always!