Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunflower season

We're well into sunflower season here on the High Plains. I have a thing for Helianthus annuus and always enjoy the times that they are around. They are a simple, yet entirely beautiful plant, and I imagine I have photographed them in every possible stage.

Not so much around here, but in some parts of the plains they are grown as a crop. It's quite something to see a full-section (640 acres) field a-bloom with big blossoms— and all facing in the same direction!

The pictures above are two new prints. In the bottom picture, the highest sunflower is over nine feet tall. I call the close-up a "Sunflower Portrait."

I do love 'em.


Miz Minka said...

Beautiful, Rio! Coming to your blog is like getting a breath of fresh air and inhaling pure relaxation while the eyes get to feast on the sights of your high plains.

Back in the days when I could have a garden, I used to plant 12 foot tall "Russian Giant" sunflowers; then I would sow morning glories around them. The sunflowers are strong and sturdy enough that the vines of the morning glories don't do any harm. The combination of the brilliant yellow petals, blue summer skies, and the radiant purple blossoms was amazing to behold.

WV: sundabb :)

Rio Arriba said...

Thanks, Miz M., for the kind words. I'm glad you enjoy what I do.

I've never grown sunflowers. Might be interesting, although I have plenty without going to the trouble!

Isn't it interesting how often the WV seems to fit with a topic? I can't figure that out.

Deer Passion said...

I absolutely LOVE your blog and all the gorgeous photos!! You really have a way of capturing the beauty of the plains!!

Rio Arriba said...

Thanks, DP. You were gone for a while, but are back now apparently. That's good. Hey— bird season is coming up! We've been having some really cool mornings and they've got Emma excited.