Monday, August 10, 2009


That's what they call it. More and more ranchers are not repairing the old windmills, and even tearing them down in favor of new-fangled pumps driven by solar cells. Fortunately there are still plenty of the old AerMotors around, and will be for some time. If they ever disappeared I'd really miss them. They've pumped the life-blood of this country for a long time. Some of them are now pushing a hundred years old and still squeeking away.


Marie said...

Solar panels may be "progress," but they sure don't create the same visual poetry as those old windmills. Ah, well.

Loved the sunflower pictures though! Reminded me of childhood times in Kansas. Ever since then, when I would try to imagine Heaven, there were always sunflowers in the picture!

theotherryan said...

In a few years when I am in that situastion I wil go with the wind mill if that gives you comfort.