Thursday, August 6, 2009

Tornadoes and sunflowers

We're in a tornado watch right now, 'til midnight. Often when we have these conditions we will have very dark skies with intermittent bright sun. It's beautiful, but also a little scary when you know what it portends. The weather service is warning about 70MPH winds and 2" hail. Such is life on the prairie.

(Sunnies are real survivors. They bend in the winds and then come right back to their original position. They're tough rather than hard. A good life lesson. The highest of these, by the way, is 10' and a little more.)

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Deer Passion said...

Love this - I've experienced so many moments like this right before a storm, out here on the KS plains. I love the way the storms shift the light and play with nature's colors.

I've been thinking really hard about dabbling in photography again. I stopped when everything started to become digital, but your photos are really encouraging me to get back in the fun!!