Friday, July 17, 2009

Watch where you step

I'm overrun with tiny toads! Woodhouse's toad (bufo woodhousii woodhousii) has apparently... spawned, whelped, littered, toaded, or whatever the term is. I saw the first one in the garden a day or two ago. It was about 1/3" long and could have been completely covered with a dime. It was hopping around my tomato plants. Today I found this one by the porch. It's about 3/4" in length. The cartridge is a .45ACP of course.

I really like having the toads around, as they are a good indicator of a healthy environment. They are also excellent insect-gobblers. But they are hopping around in sufficient numbers that I do have to watch where I step.


Hecate said...

Hopefully your dogs are toad-wise.

I saw one of my Greyhounds reach for one years ago, and pounced a nanosecond too late. He dropped it VERY QUICKLY and looked very offended as he drooled and frothed.

I rinsed his mouth out thoroughly just to be safe. He never put his mouth on a toad again, and none of the others even tried once.

Mark B. said...

Hecate, my shorthair has the same fixation with the sand toads we have around our place as did her predecessor.

They know (knew) the toads taste terrible and they're going to froth at the mouth, but they can't (couldn't) seem to help themselves. Then -- and I think Rio's mentioned this here before -- they start playing soccer with 'em.

Incidentally, they (the toads, not the shorthairs) make great catfish bait.


Rio Arriba said...

There was a really big one in the rear dog pen in March and Emma got quite a snoot-full. Lots of slobber and she was unhappy for a while. It did seem to make her more wary though. Trouble is, GSPs are very footy and she will just reach down and flip one on its back. She knows, however, that I want her to leave them alone and she's doing pretty well about it.

The Hermit said...

We have toads here. My dogs have never bothered them that I know of. I like the toads because they eat mosquitoes, of which we have an overabundance.

The Hermit said...

The Hermit was here.