Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thunder face

This is Mags' "thunder face." We've been getting a lot of thunder storms and she is very afraid of thunder. She gets under my desk and asks to get in my lap. Of course, I can't resist such a polite request.

Her hearing is amazing and I think she hears them coming long before I can. I have almost no hearing at the high end, but still have very good low-end pickup. I can hear a vehicle coming a very long way off, but I think she can hear thunder storms before they even get into the county!

Or maybe she just likes lap and knows I am a sucker for thunder face.


Anonymous said...

I wonder why some dogs are so afraid of thunder. Since many of mine just came up the road one day and decided to stay, I often think they may have been shot at. But I know that's not the case with all my dogs who are afraid of thunder. No telling, I guess.

Pique Oil said...

I had an old huntaway that was terrified of thunder and would hide under anything he could . Our present blue heeler is completely oblivious to it. Now she is also deaf as a post so it wouldn't matter anyway.
Just like we humans are scared of thunder, or not as the case may be.

Rio Arriba said...

It's kind of a mystery. Some are, some aren't. My Rottie, bless his memory, couldn't have cared less about thunder. My ex has a Vizsla that will run away when it thunders, she is so terrified.

Obviously, Mags has never been shot at, spanked, yelled at, etc. She's just afraid of thunder.