Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Vibrating with life

These prairie ponds and wetlands are alive with life of every description. This one came right up to the road, which was elevated somewhat levee-style. There were little puddle-ducks paddling around everywhere and having a great time. When I stopped to make a picture, instead of flying off, they just paddled off into the vegetation. I couldn't see them, but I could see the plants trembling and moving from their passage all over the place.

I've never experienced any environment so rich with varied life as the prairie.


Roxie said...

Love the pic.

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Anonymous said...

That looks "snakey" to me. If it were in Florida it would doubtless be full of moccasins and now pythons!

Rio Arriba said...

We have no poisonous water snakes and most areas are so completely sandy, without rocks, that there are no rattlers either— for the most part. But I still keep my eyes on the ground out of force of habit.