Monday, July 6, 2009

Back from our mini-vacation

We're back on-ranch from our July 4th excursion.

We had a great time, the dawgz and I. They are liked and appreciated at my friends' place and there were two new puppies there for them to play with. They had a great time.

Mostly we all just lazed around and "hung out" (I think the phrase is), but we did a little prairie dog shooting. I had been super-lazy and despite having all manner of varmint hardware just brought a scoped Ruger 77/22. Great fun was had plinking away at way-out-of-range prairie-poodles, but I did manage two confirmed, clean kills at 160-yards or more with the little rimfire. But the outing itself was much more important than the kills, despite their nuisance nega-value to my friends' ranch, which has a-plenty of the little vermin.

Sunday we had a good BBQ feed at the local rural fire department, with all neighbors gathering to feed their faces and swap lies. Gracious, but the food was good, and way too plentiful.

So we're back now. With grass that needs mowing and a garden that needs weeding and limbs that need clearing from storms. All will be done in good time.

Right now the three of us are doing a bit of post-trip loafing. And not feeling the least guilty about it.


Miz Minka said...

"Sunday we had a good BBQ feed at the local rural fire department, with all neighbors gathering to feed their faces and swap lies."

A little B.S. around the barbecue can be so entertaining. ;)

Enjoy your loafing, the grass and the weeds can wait a little while!

theotherryan said...

I know a fellow who went to a mechanical college in Montana and out of boredom got into long distance .22 shooting. He could consistently hit a gong from 225 meters last I knew about it. Not bad for a marlin with a scope that probably cost as much as a case of domestic beer!

Anonymous said...

It's always good to make a trip and do new things, but the best part is getting home.

Rio Arriba said...

MM, you are so right. A plastic cup of draft of beer, some good BBQ, good company, beings out the best in anybody.

TOR, people are often surprised at the distances you can work with a .22LR out of good, accurate rifle. (Or handgun: I used to win some money at a local range with clay pigeons at 100Y and a 4" S&W rimfire. Much fun!)

H., you are SO right. Coming home is the best part. I almost didn't go this weekend. Too much hassle. But I'm glad I did. But those last few miles before pulling into the home compound are always the best! Even the dogs got excited as we got closer to home.