Wednesday, July 29, 2009

She makes me laugh

Miss Mags is a nearly constant delight. Her zest for life is a tonic. As I've said before on these pages, not a day goes by that she doesn't make me laugh out loud. "Ball" is a big thing for her. The guy in the WalMart sporting goods department must think I'm a tennis pro by now, I buy so many tubes of balls. But they're all for Miss Mags. (Emma doesn't play with balls. Has no interest in them at all.)

Mags can tire me out throwing them for her, so I have started taking a hurley out with me when we go for a play-time. A hurley is the stick used in hurling, the Irish "national sport." (Look it up on Youtube— it's probably the best field sport ever.) Now she associates the hurley with ball-playing and will go over to it where I keep it and give it a nose-bump and then look at me expectantly. I can never resist. Out we go!


sanjac said...

Thank you for the laugh, that picture is perfect.

Anonymous said...

That's one joyful looking dog.

MaddMedic said...

Raquetballs. They are tough and last longer. But not all dogs like them.

Rio Arriba said...

Well, the tennies are softer, she likes 'em, and at $1.39 a tube I guess I can keep her in what she likes. Thanks for the tip. (Nobody out here plays raquetball anyway.)

She really is a happy little thing... until it thunders. She is very afraid of thunder and wants to come up in my lap. Guess what I do? Ha— that was EASY.