Thursday, April 30, 2009

That's better!

A few weeks ago we had a long spate of simply wonderful weather: warm, sunny— a real tonic after a prairie winter. And then, in typical high plains style, we had a blizzard and a long spell of really nasty, cold weather. During that balmy false spring my trees had put out a copious array of new buds. After the bad weather cleared the buds were gone, or seemed to be! I was getting worried.

But today, the last day of April, things seem to have exploded. Overnight the buds are throwing out new shoots and life begins again.

It's a miracle I never tire of watching, and being thankful for. If we were ever to move the date for Thanksgiving, I'd like to suggest May 1 as a candidate.


Brigid said...

The geese all have their little ones, a few weeks earlier this year than last, due to the warmer temperatures early on. Unfortunately, that cold snap and snow resulted in some pairs with just one offspring. I found a lot of non viable eggs abandoned close to the water where it had frozen.

Flowers are coming up and the breezes are soft. A beautiful time of life.

Rio Arriba said...

Yes, that little glitch in the weather pattern cost some lives.

My deer will be dropping fawns soon. I love to see the little guys on their spindly legs, but with such energy and determination.

You're right: life is good.