Saturday, April 18, 2009

Take a boy hunting

My young visitor from back East a while back. I took him to a friend's ranch where they have a sizable prairie dog town and we spent an afternoon dueling with them. He used one of my ARs because the stock adjusted easily for him and he turned out to be pretty good with it. It's a half-minute rifle and does well at this kind of work.

He had fair luck, but was anxious to make a long shot. Lots of misses, but he stuck with it. He was shooting from sitting with a bipod support. Finally, toward the end of our session, he made a beautiful shot at a measured 284 yards.

I don't know know who was more proud, him or me.

(Yeah, I know: he shouldn't be handling the thing. But he grabbed it before I could give him the gloves I had in my pocket and I thought it better to just get the picture and then get him washed up real quick.)


BobG said...

Down on the Navajo reservation those are eaten for lunch. They just catch them with a noose, however.

Rio Arriba said...

Dang! And we forgot our rye bread and mustard!

The Hermit said...

I was going to ask how one prepares a prairie dog. But on second thought, I decided maybe I better not.

BobG said...

I can tell you how they did on the Rez; they rolled it in mud without skinning it, and put it in the coals to bake. When done, the mud is cracked and splits open, taking the hide with it and leaving the meat clean for eating.