Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Oh, Arlen!

If I may quote that great political commentator, Oliver Hardy—

"Now look what you've done!"


Anonymous said...

That guy has been a sore on the posterior of the Republican Party for years. His sense of timing, doing his Quisling Deed now, hurts though. That gives the Dems 60,and with Al Franken (he of the diaper picture) soon to be a Senator that will be 61. Then the two Senators from Maine, who are Arlan wannabe's , are making noses about changing to the Cult of The One as well.

Rio Arriba said...

Are we watching a melt-down?

Anonymous said...

Rio, I just checked my math, Fox says this gives the Dems 59, including two independents who always vote dem. So they won't have 60 until Franken is seated. Unless Snow and that other woman from Maine switch sides now.

I'd say things are melting down on the health front, the political front and the economic front. Now all we need is a visit from Al Qaida.

Roxie said...

Why would al Queada visit now? It's all going their way.

USA has survived James Buchanan, Jimmy Carter and hopefully we'll survive Barack Obama, too.