Friday, April 24, 2009

Our first 90°

Yesterday it topped 90° here for the first time this year.

Lovely, balmy, cloud-piled "summer" day. Then about four o'clock the sky darkened slightly and a fierce gale-force wind came up out of the northwest, taking down some branches from my cottonwoods and running the tumbleweed across the prairie at very high speeds. The temperature dropped fifteen degrees and the "river of air" roared around the house like a raging river.

Then it was gone. The sun was out and the temperature began climbing again. The whole episode had taken less than ten minutes.

The plains can give new meaning to the term abrupt changes.


Anonymous said...

We got into the high 80's here in the Smoky Mountains. As long as the humidity stays down, that's comfortable but it won't be long til we are in the high humidity range and then just going outside saps your energy.

Miz Minka said...

We had 97 degrees in my neck of the woods (central California) at the beginning of the week. Today? High of 65 and even a few light showers. I love spring, even though it's unpredictable. Or maybe precisely because of that.