Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Well, Lookee Here!

Yesterday and the day before we were under threat of a killer blizzard. And today? Well, it was only up into the 50s, but the sun was hard at work, the wind wasn't too bad, and it began to look like spring once more. (Pic above taken at 2PM this afternoon.) Typical schizophrenia for this time of year, but no complaints from this homesteader.

I even got to do some "gardening," though at this stage on the high plains that only means pulling out the remnants of last year's plants and getting the plot ready for tilling. But just the prospect of planting and enjoying this year's garden was a tonic.

We're not out of the weather-woods yet, by a long shot, but today sure was a welcome tonic.


Brigid said...

Glad it passed by you.

Anonymous said...

You planting a big garden? My wife and I have never had much luck with it , but we are going to try again this year. I'd like to have corn, potatoes, tomatoes, squash and bell peppers.

Rio Arriba said...

After y'day's lovely weather I awoke this morning to snow on the ground, bitter cold, and wind. Hazardous travel warnings were out, too.

H., My garden is about 25x60. Not very big but I can grow a lot in it. I need to learn how to can.