Monday, March 30, 2009

Mom is back!

I've had a doe with triplets on the place off and on for several months. I last saw her a few weeks back about ten miles south on the way to town, and not since.

We're under another winter storm warning right now and the mulies have been clustering around the place, ten or twelve of them. This morning I thought I recognized a couple of the young'uns and sure enough this afternoon Mom and the Trips were back around my target butts. I was mighty glad to see them all together and evidently healthy, although it's obvious that the kids have really taken it out of their mom. But I'd say she has done a damn good job and I'm proud of her.

Pretty silly, I guess, But I worry about "my" critters when I don't see them for a while and it always gives me a rush when they finally show up and all is well.


Brigid said...

awww. Yes, I have some local critters I tend do, and feed if there's a sheet of ice everywhere.

I'm watching the radar, not sure exactly where you are in the state, but hoping it doesn't hit you too hard.


Rio Arriba said...

Pretty much missed us again. We have high winds but only a dusting of snow on the ground.

Q-If the first of April is at hand, can spring be far behind?

A- Yes.

The Hermit said...

Beautiful animals. I saw you were getting more rough weather out there. I'm beginning to wonder myself if spring will ever come and stay.

BobG said...

Looks like they are in pretty fair health for this time of year; won't be long until there will be some fresh stuff to browse on.

Roxie said...

Great picture.

We're getting the most moisture we've had all winter and it's technically spring. Strange.