Friday, March 27, 2009

The Two Jakes

We have lots of turkeys hereabouts, but they haven't been on my place in a while. This morning I caught a glimpse of a sneaker out of the office window and went out with a camera. There were two jakes, one quite a bit larger than the other.

I'm used to pretty tame turkeys here. They'll come up to the target butts, attracted by the noise, and pretty much put an end to the shooting as they inspect all the targets and the butts. I've even had a hen come up to me and crouch down and let me scratch her head.

I was happy to see that these guys were more normal: they took off like marathon champs as soon as they sensed me near my porch, at about a hundred yards. They doubled back from the fence and hid in among the big bales. I didn't bother them any more. I was a little surprised at their level of alertness, but actually really glad to see it as I've thought for some time that the bunches around here were just too trusting.


William Wren said...

nice blog

Rio Arriba said...

Thank you, William, for the kind words.

I went over and dropped into your blogs. I'll have to spend some time over there. It's been a while since I've chopped my way thru holographic MSS.

All the best.

Brigid said...

I used to turkey hunt in Southern MO,, on some land a coworkers owned and let me hunt.

I was always amazed by how well turkey's could see. I could sit perfectly still for two hours, waiting for the turkeys to come in, and just scratch my cheek and GONE~

Like the picture a lot.

Anonymous said...

Turkeys here will come down on the road in flocks of twenty or so, and make a nuisance of themselves wandering out in the road. But let hunting seasons start, and they vanish.