Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Weather Teases

Threats would be more like it. That blizzard we were expecting yesterday slid north and east and hammered the folks up there and left us pretty much alone. Then another big brute shaped up to the NW and slipped down almost on us before sliding off east again. A slightly closer call. I woke up this morning to ground that was barely covered with snow.

Now the radar shows a few stray elements in that NW "pounce position" but so far nobody's crying wolf. Temps are just below freezing but the wind is still mighty fierce. I'm just glad it doesn't have a lot of that white stuff to blow around and really clog things up.

But not everybody is happy. A big bunch of robins and a few bluebirds showed up here a couple of days ago and are now perched all over the garden fence, holding on for dear life and glaring at the house. I may have to explain that it ain't my fault!


Anonymous said...

I hope the worst of it misses you. Enough winter is enough.

Rio Arriba said...

Bright sun, no snow, and mid-40s today, but that wind is still pretty vicious.

Jason Plett said...

I am glad you missed it. I talked to a friend in Miles City MT and he missed it too. It hit us with the full brunt of its glory. Hope all is well.

Carteach0 said...

There's getting to be more and more days here... that I consider your life style out on the high plains and picture myself in it.

It's not a bad picture... most days.