Saturday, March 28, 2009

Curious Heifers

Heifers can be funny. They are very curious, and seem to be intensely interested in what goes on in our compound. When the dogs and I are outside they congregate along the fence by the mailbox and gawk like rude tourists.

The other day all one hundred of them were ranged along the fence like spectators at a sporting match while I played ball with Mags and Emma did the rounds of her brush piles. We could have sold tickets. Then we went inside and the whole bunch turned and headed south for the windmill (287 yards away) as if a big sale had been announced at the mall. They never seem to go anywhere but in a big rush.

I had forgotten something outside and went out to get it. One of the laggards saw me and stampeded back to the fence, followed by the whole bunch. Apparently they expected their amusement to be renewed. When I went back into the house they once again turned and dashed off toward the windmill.

Funny critters. They make me laugh.


Anonymous said...

I see some cow pastures on my way to work. I often wonder why, when there's no wind or weather to speak of, fifty cows will be grazing, all with their heads pointed the same way.

It's also interesting that I drive by one pasture on the way home at about the time the farmer comes with his tractor to put out hay. The cows start assembling at the feeder just about that time. How do they know when it's three thirty?

BobG said...

Reminds me of a time when I was out putting in a new fence post at a ranch I worked on after graduating high school. No cattle around when I started, but by the time I finished and actually looked around me, there were about a dozen standing around me in a circle all watching me while they chewed. Felt a bit creepy, I have to say.

Rio Arriba said...

H., I'm really surprised that you didn't know the USDA supplies cattle with little watches so they don't miss a meal. Shame! As for all grazing the same direction: there are leaders in a herd and the rest usually follow them. Since they move while they graze that accounts for one direction for a herd or a bunch within a herd.

Bob, I know what you mean, but they are just curious. POs my Boston too and she likes to "bounce them"-- take a run at them and do that little bounce-bounce-bounce bark thingie that boodawgs like. Sends them flying! Really funny to see an 18-pound dog scattering a panicked herd of 200 1000-pound critters.