Monday, February 23, 2009

The Weeds Have Ears

This morning as the dogs and I went out to the mailbox I noticed deer-ears in the tall weeds round the hay bales. She didn't move as we went out and then came back. I took the dogs in and got a camera and walked back. She was still there and showed no signs of alarm. I made a couple of frames and then left her in peace. Mulies are not like whitetails. There is no way a whitetail would have put up with having us within 35 yards like that. I was a little worried about her, thinking that maybe she was injured. I went out later in the day to find where she had been lying but could find so no evidence of injury, assuming there would have been some which isn't necessarily the case. Later still I saw a group of four at about 300 yards and they were handily sailing over a fence and heading for the mountain behind the house. If she was in that group she's doing fine.


The Hermit said...

I see deer here sometimes that will stand in a meadow by the road, and completely ignore you if you get out to look at them. As soon as hunting season starts, they disappear up higher into the mountains. It's as if they have a calendar and know when the season is coming on.

BobG said...

Mulies can tell whether they're in danger or not. Over in Great Basin Park in Nevada, I once had a doe standing within 6 feet of me browsing on rose hips while her fawn was nursing on her. They don't allow hunting in the park, and the deer are very aware of it. It is not unusual to have them in camp if you sit still and don't make a lot of noise.