Saturday, February 7, 2009

My deer are back

My mulies are wanderers. They'll spend time here and then go walkabout for a couple of weeks. There are plenty of abandoned ranch-steads with trees and an infinite number of relatively sheltered south-facing hillsides for them to enjoy on sunny days. They seemed to hole-up on my place during most of the muzzleloader season and then just drifted off.

On the way to town the other day I saw two of the late fawns that had been on my place with their mom and a sibling (triplets) along the road, as if lost. I kind of worried about that family as I couldn't see hide nor hair of mom and the other baby.

But early this morning the whole extended family was back. As I came awake and looked out my bedroom window I could see them milling about out front. And there in the middle of the bunch was mom and the three babes. I say 'babes,' but they are probably about seventy-five or eighty pounds each now.

Nice to have them back for a few days before they get the wanderlust and go off to make their rounds again.


Brigid said...

I love watching the way the mules run. I hope you can some photos before they shy off.

Rio Arriba said...

Brigid, I believe that in Afrikaans that bouncing lope is called "pronking." Pretty good term for it.

I'll try to get some pics. They were pretty skittish this morning though.

Anonymous said...

We have deer wander into our meadow sometimes. Usually very early in the morning. The dogs just ignore them, and I can sit on the porch and watch them as the sun comes up.