Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Vanishing Snow

Released myself from my self-imposed office confinement long enough to venture to town for a haircut, a burger, some diesel fuel, and a few rudimentary groceries. It was a brilliant day, in the low 50s, and with a bright sun bearing down.

The snow, which has had us in a hard grip for quite a while, has succumbed to the warmer temps and that wonderful sun. Pockets remain on the north slope of hills and will for a long time yet. But for now we can see grass, enjoy daylight 'til after 5PM, and hope for spring.

There'll be plenty more winter yet ahead, and more than enough snow to replace what we've lost, but it's nice to get a break.


Brigid said...

We had another half foot out near my house if the locals are accurate. I do love the shades of the winter, the deepening shadows, the smell of venison stew on the stove, the comfort of a hot water bottle warming the toes under flannel sheets, books read by soft light and the crackle of a fire.

But I have to admit, I'm getting sort of sick of shoveling. :-)

Roxie said...

We have had the most up-and-down weather here. Freezer one day, 60s the next. Strange.

So whatever snow we've gotten has vanished. Sigh. I was hoping for a snowy winter which means a good berry crop come spring.

Mother Nature sure can be stingy.

Glad you've gotten snow.

Anonymous said...

You have to get out sometimes, or you'll go nuts. Getting into town for a lunch and a few groceries will keep you sane.

Rio Arriba said...

Believe me, Hermit, living out here isn't gonna drive me bonkers. It's "civilization" that's in charge of that particular job!