Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Blub! Blub! Blub!

That's the sound made when you rapidly flip a finger across your lips while blowing out. There should be one of those silly emoti-whatsits (maybe complete with sound) for that particular frustration-inspired emotion.

I've been doing a lot of that over the past week. New software for website building and a sortofa-kinda deadline will do that to you. But today I had a break-through of sorts and managed to get half a dozen check-pages up on my site in a blind folder so they aren't publicly available but can be evaluated for function and esthetics. A great relief.

I can only hope that things will go more smoothly from now on and that I can get the newly revised website up in a week or so.

If not, there will be a lot more blub-blub-blub going on around here.


Brigid said...

I have to tell you, what got me through the last week was looking at your photos of the plains on my laptop.

Life as it was meant to be lived, not what I was seeing.


Rio Arriba said...

Well, thank YOU, Brigid. What a nice thing to say.

Sorry you had such a rough week. Maybe you can get some time now to get your head back together and tell Mr. B. what a wunnerful dawg he is.

Roxie said...

I do understand the frustration with web site stuff. I'm working on a cart for selling photography and feel in over my head. Oh, well, I'm in over my head most of the time!

Anonymous said...

Just as well you have something to keep you busy, though. Being at loose ends in winter could drive you mad.

Rio Arriba said...

H., I am never at loose ends! I have an excellent library, a fully equipped reloading room, a well-equipped shop building, and more projects than I could shake a stick at if I had four arms. That's one reason I don't fear the coming of winter: it lets me catch up!

R., good luck on your site. This is a bad time for art sales. Keep your fingers crossed!