Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Great Spirit Smiles

68° today. Sun. No wind to speak of at all.

I spent the early morning in the office, toiling away at HTML and suchlike from 6 to 11. But the afternoon beckoned most beckoningly and I had to respond.

The pups and I walked, enjoyed the balmy respite, and played out front for a while. Then I put them in and walked the perimeter with my .257 Roberts, keeping an eye out for the 'ote that's been hanging around and leaving challenge-crap in various spots out back. No sightings to report, but wouldn't be surprised if he wasn't watching me the whole time.

Later I brought out the Kimber with the .22 conversion unit and punched some paper for the first time in a while. Wasn't too discouraged, considering all the off-time.

These days just bliss me out. I sat on the front porch steps for the longest time, Miss Mags tucked up under my legs like she likes to get, also watching the prairie and the sky. The sun baking us both. Getting cooler now as dusk approaches. It will be a glorious red sunset tonight, which I will not miss.

Life is good.


Brigid said...

Minus 10 on my drive in. But I'm home, the house is secure, and life is good.

Cold. But good.

Anonymous said...

Life is good. You have escaped the "most men lead lives of quiet desperation, and go to the grave with the song unsung" pronouncement of Thoreau.

Rio Arriba said...

You're kind, Hermit, but I have plenty of "quiet desperation" in my life right now with regard to the future of my country.