Friday, January 16, 2009

The Slack Time

No posts here for several days.

This is the slack time for me. The weather is bad (though not as bad as in some parts of our Republic) and not much conducive to getting outside, from whence many of my posts arise.

And meanwhile I am busy inside the Little House, trying to catch up on the many things I sloughed off on when the weather was good and I was seduced into avoiding the keyboard and the desk. So as I make progress on that front, I fall behind on the other. At some point it will even out.

Meanwhile, I wait with 'bated breath for the pomp and panoply of the inaugurals and the associated hoopla. Not having TV I will have to rely on my internet connection.

And while I 'bate my breath, I cling to the hope that we have weathered worse in the past and that the ship of state will sail through this storm as it has those in the past. For the sake of optimism I omit the qualitative and quantitative differences of the challenges that confront us.

There was a lovely sunset tonight and that is encouraging.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I figured you would be forted up with the weather being what it is out that way. I've been staying inside myself as much as possible.

I'm hoping I can go on living my own way without being intruded upon by the wider world. That seems to be increasingly difficult these days.