Saturday, January 3, 2009

A New Friend

It was warm here yesterday, slightly over 60°. Most refreshing. Some friends came up to see me and get me to introduce them to some ranchers so they can hunt coyotes on their land for a big contest coming up next week. They'll stay with me and hunt the nearby ranches for "big prize money," or so they say.

One of my rancher friends has a ton of dogs on his place and one of them adopted me yesterday. This is "Dually," a ten-year old English Bulldog that weighs about seventy pounds. While we were chatting, I sat down on the grass and Dually came over and lay down with me. The boss thought she was "bothering me" (which dogs cannot do!) and she refused to come when called. Just lay her head on my leg and gave the boss the eye.

Dually got a new pink studded collar for Christmas and was quite proud of it.


Brigid said...

They are the best friends aren't they. Barkley is asleep on his big Orvis dog bed, too tired from play to even jump on the bed.

Rio Arriba said...

I have always loved dogs, and have been blessed in that they seem to return the favor. They are pure, honest, and always give back more than they get-- although I do my best to redress that imbalance.

People who do not understand how a dog can be a "friend" have a problem I can't help them with.

Give the Mighty Barkley a smooze!

Anonymous said...

I like dogs. That one in the picture is mighty ugly, I have to say.

Rio Arriba said...

Ugly? What are you trying to do, hurt her feelings?