Saturday, January 31, 2009

A bit of a thaw

After the snow and the bitter cold we are now experiencing a quick thaw here on my part of the High Plains. It got up to 54° today, and following a day in the 40s that's putting quite a dent in the snow mass. I'm not sorry to see it go because it means I can get into town if I need to, which I don't right now. But it's always nice to know you can if you want to.

From the looks of my front area you'd think every critter for miles around had traipsed across and left their sign in the snow. Birds, four-leggeds both little and big, the whole gamut. Including my big feet plodding out to the mailbox and back. (The snow only caused postie to have to miss me a couple of times so far this winter.) I don't mind seeing the snow depart, but I'm not eager to see the mud start to peek through. Fortunately, our humidity out here is so low that it won't last long.

Days like this tempt me to hope for an early spring, but past history tells me that is sheer folly and a waste of time. It will come when it will come and we have a lot more winter to wade through yet.


Anonymous said...

You're in good shape. Plenty of supplies, plenty of firewood, miles from anyone and you have some writing to catch up on, seems I remember you saying. You need to get one of those t shirts that says "life is good."

Shrugged said...

I was thinking about you 'stuck' out there, and what I was thinking was this: I could envy that man, and it wouldn't be hard to do.