Friday, January 9, 2009

A Dull and Dreary Day

Overcast and wet. In the high 30s this morning with a steady rain and then falling quickly into the teens with accompanying fast freezing. Most unpleasant. The dogs don't even want to go out except for a quick 'bizness trip.'

Mood to match. I can't ever remember being quite as concerned about the prospects for my country as I am now. Literally, I wake up in the morning and find myself asking, about the election, "What have we done?"

Coupled with the financial meltdown, and the various other histrionics in the news (Caroline Kennedy, Burris and the Reid smiling 'compromise,' Pelosi's gloating, Blago's almost unbelievable grossness, the Israel situation, China's virtual ownership of our financial base, Russia's blossoming bullying ways, Madoff's amazing predatory chutzpah, and on and on) it is almost enough to make one despair.

I see new forms of tyranny on the horizon that could make the Bush years look like the flower-power of yore. The vengeance of the arrogant self-righteous is terrible to behold, and we shall behold it in all its know-all vindictiveness. All I can hope is that, like a well-keeled boat, we will right ourselves and sail on. But I have never felt quite so doubtful of that as I do on this night, so far out on the dark, wet, cold high plains.

The Lakota, who were here long before we were, can say, as I approximately transliterate it, "Tu gahsh ee nah, oh shee mee nah yo!" May the Great Spirit have mercy upon [us].



Anonymous said...

You can derive some comfort from the fact that you are so far out, the Alphabet Agencies may never get around to kicking in your door no matter how bad things get.

That the situation will continue to deteriorate on a number of fronts seems pretty certain. Since the levers of power are well out of the reach of average people, about all you can do is hope things go on unchanged there where you live.

Carteach0 said...

I find comfort in a little range time. Standing up and shooting big bore, especially at reactive targets.

Satisfying, even if it doesn't help the national outlook.

Rio Arriba said...

Truth is, I worry more about my country than myself. That's not "noble," just a reflection of my age. If the feces strike the ventilator I'm expendable, but what about my grandkids? And their kids?

I think thoughts I never could have imagined twenty years ago. And I don't like them.

This isn't the way it's supposed to be.

Carteach0 said...

I've heard it said the only thing truly stable about society is that it's always changing. Any society, ours included. They all rise and fall, fluctuate, grow and shrink.

I too am truly concerned with the direction our society, our nation, is sliding. It's looking far too much much like Ayn Rand was a Seer.

It helps little that my father thought that way as well, and mostly his father too.

There are no more frontiers left on this planet, and no Galts Gulch either. Any we wish to find, we shall have to make ourselves.

theotherryan said...

It is scary stuff indeed. I am not very old and each day brings more amd more things I thought could never happen here.