Saturday, November 21, 2009

Pesky porkies

Porcupines seem like such innocuous creatures, unless you've had a dog get a face-full of quills or are an orchardman. On my way to my hunting ground today I passed the old abandoned homestead and saw several cottonwoods that had fallen under the porky tooth. These critters will chew anything: trees, porch railings, canoe paddles, automobile tires, aluminum signs. They are amazingly destructive and that's why ranchers shoot every one they see. Too late for this old (and already ailing) cottonwood though.


BobG said...

One of the few animals my dad would shoot on sight.
I've spent some time taking them out of a dog's muzzle; not a fun time for either one of us.

calamityjane313 said...

TCK, any of them you get and are willing to pull the quills i will pay you the postage to send them to me. janey