Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Early Results

Deer season opened here on Saturday, and these are the results as of Monday. To date there have been five nice bucks taken, and one more pending. These fellows come out every year and camp on my place for a few days, enjoying the solitude and the good hunting. They are fine, hard-working hunters and deserve their results

I haven't hunted yet. Maybe a little tomorrow. Or I might just wait 'til muzzleloader season which runs the whole month of December.

The campers leave tomorrow and once again the Great Quiet & Solitude will descend on the place.


Anonymous said...

Looks like they are doing pretty well for themselves.

BobG said...

Very nice.
Around here the deer season is quite a bit earlier; bow season in August, regular season in October.

mike's spot said...

our gun season just opened up today. We're a whitetail area, so I never seen anything with mass like you guys get out there!