Sunday, November 8, 2009

More speed-goats

Just the other day Emma and I ventured out of our remote fortress in the hills and drove south of the river to hunt some birds. On the way between coverts I spotted this bunch. There were about two-dozen of them and I couldn't get the whole strung-out bunch in one frame. I was a little surprised to see so many of them together in the wheat fields and cultivated flatland of 'civilization,' but they are always a pretty sight. Emma was uninmpressed: "C'mon, they're not birds! Let's go!"

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Marie said...

Beautiful shot, Rio! I had to double-click and enlarge to really appreciate the two-tone "paint job" on those guys. Wow!

You can see the telephone poles and the signs of man in the far background - interesting.

Thank you for sharing the things you get to see.