Friday, January 18, 2013

The 'Unpopulated Zone'

I guess that's what some folks would call where I live: "the unpopulated zone." But that just applies to people. Otherwise, there's nothing unpopulated about it.

I had to go to town on some errands y'day, something I rarely do, and on the way home I saw the scenes above. The mulies, 16 of them, are clustered near an old ghost town about three crow-fly miles from me. The antelope were a couple miles north of that point.

I glassed the deer to see if any of them were from my bunch that hangs around the house. None were that I could tell. That's probably because when I got home I found my nine all hunkered down on the front yard. The antelope bunch was one pod of a large herd of about a hundred that split up as my truck got near. They are lots spookier and more skittish than the mulies.

Such are neighbors on the High Plains.


BobF said...

One might suppose with the neighbors spreading all that fertilizer, as all neighbors do, just of different types, there might be a little more greenery. :-)

Enjoying the pictures, Rio.

Rio Arriba said...

Hey, Bob. Thanks for your comment. Even with our recent snows, we are still really dry. Plus, in the winter everything goes kinda brown around here. We're really praying for a wet spring. If we don't get it we're gonna be in big trouble.

Anonymous said...

Yessir, deer in whatever timber or brush is available, and pronghorn out on high lonesome. Missed reading your posts. Its been a year or more since I've been in touch with you and Brigid.

Feels like coming home to a comfortable place where the rhythm of life fits.

Yes, as to precip... we are looking at a year two without good snows.

- Sven in Colorado