Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Visitor

Every day in the mid-afternoon, the dogs and I go for a ramble. There are days when, frankly, I would rather not, but Jack demands it and the others follow his lead. On every walk there is something going on. The other day I discovered that jack rabbits had moved into the bale area east of the house. They've never been around this close before. That same day I discovered we have a Bald Eagle hanging around. On another day I had to shoot a porcupine to keep the dogs quilless. Then there was the coyote confronted at a distance of six feet. Always something interesting going on.

Today it was a young Great Horned Owl sitting in one of the cottonwoods. Most of the older GHOs won't sit still for me and the dogs being too close to them, but this citizen just sat there as if he figured we were no threat at all. Quite small, too, so I figured it for a newcomer. As long as they behave they are welcome.

Afterwards the dogs discovered a stray cat in the old garage. Another visitor. Are we popular, or what?


BobF said...

So, being a good host, you'e going to invite all the far flung neighbors' rodents over for supper (not theirs)?

Good picture!

Rio Arriba said...

Well, I'd like to be a good host, but I've got enough of my own rodentiae to be inviting in the neighbor's. Reckon Mr Owl will just have to scare up his own grub.