Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Peace in our time!

My living room couch is small. It's a two-dogger, and Jack was developing a bad habit: When Mags and Em were on the couch he would stand in front of it and bark at Mags. And she would reply. WOOF. Yap. WOOF-WOOF. Yap-yap. Etc. Sometimes to the fourth or fifth power. Usually she would give up and get off the couch and he would climb up and be off to dreamland. When I would catch him at this bullying I would scold him and tell him to leave her alone, but of course as soon as I would go off somewhere the argument would resume.

But the other day I came into the room to see the picture above. They figured it out, for the time being at least. Peace in our time!

I can only hope it lasts, knowing all the while that's not very likely.


Carol said...

Enjoying the shots of the dogs. I have to hand it to Maggie and Emma. They look comfortable, having established their space. Jack appears to have wedged himself in there. At least all three made it on there.

Rio Arriba said...

They really get along very well. Mags and Jack are particular friends. Jack also loves Emma, but she is more distant than Mags. Sometimes he is so pushy and obnoxiously friendly to Emma that she will finally have enough of it and will discipline him very sternly. Despite being the bigger and stronger of the two now he accepts it and does a very credible "I-sowwy!" act. For a while.

Miz Minka said...

What a lovely pack! :) I was wondering: what do you do with your canine companions when you go on your trips to the Ould Sod?? The last time I went on a trip out of the country, one of my dogs practically disowned me for leaving him, and I was only gone for three weeks. :(

Rio Arriba said...

Hi MM— That can be a tuffie. This trip a neighbor rancher is keeping Mags and Em and Jack is going to bird-dog school for the whole time. My vet boards and they are very good people, taking them for walks every day, etc. Plus, they really like my dogs who are sweet, friendly critters they are always happy to see. But I don't like boarding kennels if I can avoid them. This time they will have folks who like them, kids, other dogs, and a new place to explore. Nevertheless, I hate to leave them.