Thursday, March 17, 2011

And the race is on!

All three dogs were in a "mood" today. The mood to run! And a fine day for it it was.

Mags and Jack will exchange a look and then they will be off. If a straight run is long enough Jack can usually pass Mags up, but in a sprint she is more than likely to win. She has a funny gait: two strides and then a long, high leap. I always figure it is her "joy pace."

When they play their chase games she has the advantage of maneuverability. She can turn inside him on a dime and she'll let him close in and then do her turn, with him shooting off ahead and trying to brake and turn. It's like a dogfight between a B17 and an ME109. Almost as fun to watch as it is for them to do it.

Thus did they celebrate St Pat's.


Anonymous said...

Maybe Mags is pronking.

Carol said...

Oops, meant to leave my name on the comment.