Thursday, July 8, 2010

O, happy, happy dogs!

Sometimes dogs are about as illogical as homo sapiens. Mine will jump for joy if they are allowed to go along with me to town. Apparently they'd rather suffer in a hot, cramped truck than stay home in a lovely big shop building with couches and easy-chairs and a nice big fenced yard just outside the door. I think it's that old "be-with" syndrome.

Today I had to renew the minutes on my phone or lose my account so I let them ride along with me to the "high point" about eight miles south where I can get just enough bars to make the addition.

You'd have thought I nominated them for the Nobel Prize. Emma really likes it when I lower the left rear window and let her hang out and sniff the smells. Buffalo, deer, antelope, and assorted gourmet poop. Ambrosia!

To listen to them, I deprive them. Well, gosh, we just spent 5000 miles together fer-pete's-sake!

Anyway. They were happy today!


Miz Minka said...

Happiness is... a dog having fun. :)

Rio Arriba said...

One of my most important jobs is to help my dogs be happy. And why not? Seems a noble occupation to me.