Sunday, July 11, 2010

Not another sky picture?

Yep. Sorry, but you can't get away from the sky out here. Even if you wanted to. The Lakota and the Cheyenne were very aware of, and had great respect, for the sky. How could they not, living here in the Home of the Sky-beings?

This rainbow is from last night. Another fast-moving thunder storm came through and then there was sudden clearing. Shortly after this picture was taken, looking due south, the sun came up and flooded the prairie with bright, golden light and the rainbow slowly disappeared.


Miz Minka said...

How could one not be happy to be alive, knowing there are sights like this to behold in our beautiful country? You are a lucky man indeed to be able to feast your eyes on such magnificence right in your own backyard. Thank you for sharing some of the beauty with your readers!!

P.S.: One can never have too many sky pictures. Ever. :)

Rio Arriba said...

Thanks, MM, for the kind words. I don't want to bore folks, but I guess if they don't "like skies" they can just ignore it. [i]And what are they doing here if they don't like skies?![/i]

Prairie skies just give me too much shareable pleasure to resist. You can definitely expect more in the future.

Anonymous said...

We live in the West Australian outback, and as you say, you can't get away from the sky. Clouds are a novelty for many months of the year and the blue of the tourist brochures does not do justice.
Living here (I am sure the same is true of the Praire) weather is not just soething that is talked about by airheads on TV. It is a part of the fabric of your life and the sky is far better at getting the message across than any airhead.

Rio Arriba said...

HI, Billy, and thanks for the comment. Out here, and where you are as well, "weather" isn't just a passing entertainment: it rules your life. Taking it for granted, or thumbing your nose at it, can get you killed. But it's a great show if you respect it.

BobG said...

I'm getting cabin fever looking at that.