Saturday, July 24, 2010

A flood of golden light

Just the other evening I was in the kitchen getting ready to make something to eat. The late afternoon had turned very dark and I had flipped on the light over the stove. Suddenly the room was filled with an intense warm glow. I went to the front door and saw that the sun, just about to go down behind the mountain to the west had broken through the gloom and flooded the prairie with a molten gold light that burnished everything with a Midas glow. It lasted only a few seconds, but I managed to bang off a couple of frames.

(I suspect that wind-pump may be the most photographed Aermotor in twelve counties! Can't help that: it's my lawn ornament and keeps getting in the way.)


Kansas Scout said...

Another really good one

Kansas Scout said...

I would have thought it would be green....

Sven said...

I know that light. It is ephemeral, fleeting, so quickly gone. Capturing the essence is always a joy!

Dove season comes in a month and I will be out in the rolling high plains again....Always a delight.

Thanks for your perception, words and photos.