Thursday, June 24, 2010


The Big Herd was on the move today, and spent most of the day on the high hills overlooking my place from the east. They have almost 100,000 acres to wander around in and so they get over by me only every couple of months or so.

The big old bulls, like this fellow, are pretty solitary and tend to keep to themselves, not too much interested in what the herd is doing, although they do of course keep tabs on them.

It was easy for us to almost exterminate an entire people when their main source of subsistence was so concentrated, and so vulnerable. Not so easy anymore what with McDonalds, Walmart, and MREs by mail order. But despite our best efforts, Tatanka lives, and his numbers increase. And the irony is that he and his might be flourishing when we have quaffed our last oil cocktail and, for whatever ultimate reason, joined the ranks of the extinct.


BobG said...

Beautiful picture, especially silhouetted against the sky like that.
Bison have a quiet dignity that domestic cattle just can't match.

Brigid said...

Thank you for this. I needed the uplift and the picture is awesome. Would I could retire 15 years early and move out there.