Thursday, June 17, 2010


For the last couple of days I have been sorting and filing images and other files from four different stand-alone hard drives that have been accumulating "stuff" for over ten years. There's a staggering amount of material to deal with. Where did all this stuff come from?

Some of it is pictures of dogs. Yesterday I found a particularly moving one. When I got my first Shorthair I was concerned about how the resident Rottie, Vito Luigi, would react to an interloper. Shouldn't have given it a thought. He thought she was the greatest present I had ever bought him!

From the first day she came into the house Vito made Róisin Dubh (roe-SHEEN doov, "dark Rosaleen") his number one priority. And she loved him back. The relationship of those two is one of my fondest doggie memories. Both of them were very special critters in my life. They're gone now, but never ever to be forgotten.


BobG said...

Dogs being pack animals, I think they are always a little happier if they have one or two of their own kind around.

Rio Arriba said...

You're certainly right about that, BobG. But there were other dogs in the house at that time and Vito and Róisin just took to each other in a very special way.

BobG said...

Just like people; some get along a little bit better with one than another.

Marie-Paule said...

Looking at the photo, it's easy to see why Vito was so smitten. What a pretty girl!

Do you think we'll get to see our critter friends again in Heaven? God, I hope so.

Rio Arriba said...

I certainly hope there will be a Great Reunion, Marie-Paule. It would be nice if The Rainbow Bridge could come true for all of us. I know only this: If my four-legged friends are not in heaven, then I have no interest in the place at all.