Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Something New

If you'll scroll all the way down on the right you'll find a couple of tags for an outfit called "Our Happy Homestead." They sell useful things, needful things you might say. David and Jessica Coles are the honchos.

Let David explain…

"We’re a small business based outside of Denver, Colorado and our goal is simple – supply folks with the tools they need to become more self sufficient. To that end, we’ve got hundreds more products that I need to get added, everything from knives and butcher kits to some bulk dry goods, a wider variety of food processing equipment and canning supplies. We use at least some variation of every product we sell, so if people have questions or are looking for something strange, we’re ready and able to help out… Pretty simple stuff; customer service, good prices and products that we can stand behind."

It's stuff a lot of us are glad to know about.


Bob Anderson said...

I've heard that those Berkey water purification systems are pretty good. Do you own one?

Rio Arriba said...

Bob, my deep-well gives me excellent water, so I don't own such a critter. But I have heard good things about the Berkey.